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Kathleen Boniface LE, COE

Kathleen is a Pastiche Training Graduate in Advanced Skin Analysis, she is a member of IAC (Corneotherapy),and is also Certified in Oncology Esthetics. Master Esthetician Kathleen's philosophy is to treat each client individually from the inside out. Her technique and skilled touch has taken over 15 years to perfect. She perfects the client's skin care regimen in the salon and designs a regime for home use.

Kathleen customizes each facial to what her client's skin needs at the moment, using pioneering technology, anti-aging techniques, advanced modalities and massage.

She has been associated with some of the world's most prestigious beauty practitioners. With an impressive selection of non invasive "state of the art " treatment machines, professional products and a set of gifted healing hands, she gives meticulous attention to every pore and square millimeter of skin, making her facials truly memorable. 

Kathleen received her initial professional training in Beverly Hills at Maria De Sio Skin Care ,where she acquired the finest treatment techniques and skills from Maria herself.Kathleen has also had the privilege of working with the world's most renowned plastic surgeons, dermatologists and alternative western practitioners.

 Kathleen believes there is a bespoke skincare regime and remedy for everyone.

 Love your skin again


 Kathleen believes in continued education and research to keep her practice as current as possible. She most recently completed training and was certified in Advanced Skin Analysis through Florence Barrett Hill and Pastiche Training in Corneotherapy. Kathleen was also certified in Oncology Esthetics and the Skin Classic Machine.

Kathleen has completed all educational courses offered by Environ and Envy Medical and she is also certified in hyperbaric oxygen therapy facials, and all modalities of microdermabrasion as well as Environs Cold Peels and TCA peels. Kathleen believes in preserving the stratum corneum and only peels when it is relevant and will benefit the skin.


Boniface Skin Care uses Dermaviduals, a Bespoke Corneotherapy Treatment Range, with over 30 actives that are blended to suit personal skin care needs. Dermaviduals Advanced Skincare is from Germany and uses a patented base cream formula with DMS. The focus is on repairing the skin's barrier. It is our first defense against the environment and free radicals.

The Dermaviduals range is the future of skin care and is the most effective line available in the world today. Kathleen is one of the few professionals in the United States certified to use Dermaviduals.

Kathleen holds current esthetician licenses in both California and Oregon.