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Kathleen Boniface (medically trained) LE, COE,

Kathleen believes in continued education and research to keep her practice as

current as possible. She most recently completed training and was certified in

Advanced Skin Analysis thru Florence Barrett Hill and Pastiche Training in

Corneotherapy. Kathleen was also certified in Oncology Esthetics and The Skin

Classic Machine in 2013. Kathleen holds current licenses in California and Oregon.

Kathleen has completed all educational courses with honors offered bEnviron.

Boniface Skin Care uses Dermaviduals a Bespoke Corneotherapy treatment range

with over 30 actives that are blended to suit personal skin care needs. This

advanced range from  Germany uses a patented base cream formula with DMS .

The focus is on repairing the skins barrier our first defense against

the environment and free radicals. The range is the Future of Skin

Care and the most effective line available in the world today. 

Kathleen has trained extensively in the use of Micro Dermabrasion, and was a

pioneer in introducing the technically superior Envy Medical- Silk Peel Dermal

Infusion System,  She has received certification  from Envy Medical in the

application and use of these treatment machines and is also certified in Hyperbaric

Oxygen Therapy. Boniface Skin Care also offers the innovative Bioptron Polarized

Light Therapy System made in Switzerland for cell restoration .


Kathleen has over 14 years experience in treating all skin types and pre and

post operative patients. She understands specific issues related to skin with

different sensitivity levels including Acne, Rosacea,Eczema, Scarring and

Hyperpigmentation. A graduate of Bauder Fashion College and a former model and

make up artist Kathleen also understands first hand how important good skin is

when you are working under strong lights and in front of a camera or on stage. 


Boniface Skin Care was formerly located in the" Aesthetic / Medical District " of Beverly Hills California, where she had the privilege of association with some of the worlds top plastic surgeons and beauty experts.